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Welcome to our website!

I, Irina Ulianova, General Manager of “TransLit” Ltd., appreciate your visiting our site. Hope you’ll find here all the information you need, and in case you have more questions, you are always welcome to contact info@oootranslit.ru and our team will provide you with more details.

The company was built in 2009 and during all these years demonstrates steady development both regarding the order volumes, and professional development. We are glad to cooperate with the pharmaceutical and veterinary companies, enhance the quality of translations, regulatory activities and pharmacovigilance. New challenges are our driver, that’s why we are so inspired by changes. We are happy to help our customers to adapt to the changing environment, find the best way to manage the projects and promote its implementation.

Are you focused high quality and within-the-deadline services? – we are at your disposal for a successful co-operation. You are going to start a project and you need an independent opinion about it – here we can also help. Besides we can be useful to you in staff training in regulatory and pharmacovigilance sphere, not to mention our standard services, such as pharmacovigilance, translations and regulatory affairs services – you can always count upon us in it as we are focused on your advantage.

It is commonly known that “A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step”, that is why if you are really concerned about what I am telling you, I suggest you move on together and run common projects.

I am looking forward to our soonest fruitful co-operation,

Best regards,

Irina Ulianova